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Welcome, Mets and Cubs fans, to the league championship series to which no one outside Kansas City and Canada has been paying attention. I mean, really, was anyone shocked that the Cubs lost in the NLCS and failed to reach the World Series? If your focus was on that four-game sweep, here are some things […]

The internal skeleton of every architectural wonder is a rarely seen yet necessary element, supplying the broad shoulders where the grand facade can rest. That internal skeleton for the Kansas City Royals is with its bullpen, a group not only strong enough to help prop up the rest of the team, but talented and deep enough that […]

Heck, we witnessed a postseason game Tuesday at Wrigley where the baseball gods appeared to wreak all sorts of havoc. It just didn’t happen to be the kind of havoc conducive to the home team busting up any curses or 107-year droughts. That’s all. What we had here was a postseason game in which the […]